Welcome into the mind of social media enthusiast and entrepreneur Adam Tranchida.  Here I plan to document my ideas, thoughts, and experiences of my adventure into the world of social media. After watching a presentation about social media and the new era of communication by then founder and CEO of NH based Acorn Creative Kevin Skaritt. Following his presentation I read the Groundswell and now I’m finally entering the world of blogs (officially anyway).

My goal is to keep this blog focused on the new age of media we are currently living through and how thriving communities, platforms, networks, apps, forums etc… are or can be used to innovate and improve all relationships, specifically B2C relations across industries local and small businesses, corporations, NGOs, national, state, and, local governments, political parties, and social causes. My current theory is the following: that transparency =trust, trust = relationships, relationships = sales leads, sales leads = sales, and sales = $$$$ Call me crazy, but I know it works. Your actions, choices, and decisions have an impact across your friends. If there was a rumor out there or someone is talking about you – did that conversation really happen and would you want to know about it? Maybe yes, maybe no? Now, picture yourself as a small business owner, campaign manager, politician, governor, or President & CEO of an NPO or NGO would you want to know what people (consumers & potential customers) have said and are saying about your you, your organization or business? I would think so – why wouldn’t you? What’s the worst people are going to say – that your brand or you suck or they hate your company because it makes enough money to buy a few nations or better yet fund a war that decreases global supply and pulls the floor out from its competition making you the dominant player. Guess what – if you’re just figuring this out now you’re late to the party. For some of you (depending on your location and size) you’re only fashionably late. Try to comprehend this, but people are talking about you and your brand now. And I hope this isn’t too much of a shock, but people have talked about you and your organization for at least a few months now, most likely a year or two and it’s certainly very possible the conversation has been going on uncharted too, for years. People are reading & talking about you and your business, do you want to know what they’re saying? Why are you reading? What did you think? Be honest, feedback creates new opportunities.