Tired of opening three browsers to post the same update to your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts? Here’s a FREE and simple solution: TweetDeck. TweetDeck is very easy to use. First, I recommend downloading TweetDeck Desktop. Now you can start TweetDeck from your Start menu, dock, or desktop. TweetDeck is compatible with PCs and Mac’s.

My two favorite features (feel free to share yours in the comment section below) are the automatic URL shortener and the scheduled update feature. While the URL shortener allows you to be quick and efficient, scheduled updates help you implement your updates according to plan. I’m currently managing four different company accounts and scheduled updates makes my life so much easier!

You can schedule the following day, days, week, or month of updates!
With TweetDeck open click the little icon that looks like a clock on the right side of the update box to schedule the time and date you want the update to be posted to the account of your choice.

Not only is TweetDeck a must have tool for small businesses to efficiently manage their social media efforts, but its also wonderful for personal uses too.

You can follow trending topics worldwide or in the US and you can also add additional columns to follow along with #hashtags relevant to you or your industry.

TweetDeck is the best FREE attention dashboard out there. However, you don’t have the analytics package that you pay for with HootSuite. I recommend TweetDeck for small and local businesses who are just entering this world of new media. If you’re the only person responsible for managing social media at your organization TweetDeck will be your new best friend.