Being on Twitter constantly and following it’s activity since it’s inception has me curious about it’s future. Currently a minority, .05% to be exact, of Twitter users produce and feed content to the remaining 99.5% of users. Is this sustainable? Yes, but only if we continue to see further fragmentation. Most people follow others based on a subject or common interest. The more fragmentation Twitter experiences the more localized (ideally) followers become. Pushing out information becomes easier because you are focusing solely on one specific sport, political party, or brand. Over time users aren’t going to just follow you because you have a lot of followers, they’re going to consider their choices before they agree. ┬áThe fact of the matter is Twitter is used by a small percentage of accounts. I wouldn’t be surprised if the majority of accounts weren’t active. Twitter is something people are still getting used to and I think it’s going to be this way for at least another 2 years. Smartphones will save Twitter. I rarely check Twitter while using my laptop, only if TweetDeck is open. All of the updates I receive are through my Twitter Feed. If I’m interested I’ll read it, if not, next!


What are your thoughts on the future of Twitter?