The battle for privacy seems to be never ending. However, for an issue that has been such an enormous issue, it doesn’t seem to be worthy of the mainstream media’s attention. People are looking for privacy. Sure  everyone wants to look at their friends pages, but it gets kind of weird when you have 100, 200, or 500+ friends and you’re browsing through all their pictures. Too many people friend people they’ve seen once or because they look hot and people agree to that friend request… For some people Facebook shares too much of our lives. With the launch of GroupMe (and others?), the ongoing privacy issue, and rising concerns of spam links across the social web people will naturally be looking for a safer online environment.

Take the design of Facebook, the pictures, wall, info etc. but make it exclusive. For you and your closest friends, your entourage. Not only will you be able to keep in touch privately, your friendship with this person is now documented, privately. Yes, this sounds very similar to the Facebook Friendship pages that are out there, but it’s not a shared conversation anymore, it’s personal and private. Think about the number of Facebook friends you have, how many of your Facebook friends do you trust enough to let them borrow your car, watch your dog for an afternoon, or shop for you when you’re sick?

A personal network could include feature a news feed, but it wouldn’t show wall posts for example. Using a Facebook wall-like design to communicate is easier than sending individual messages, and it allows for a conversation to develop, similar to texting. I think there’s real potential here. Do you? Would you be interested in joining a private  (personal) social network? Or is this idea the “anti” social network?