How should social media be used? What is the purpose of social media sites? Feedback. For brands and organizations social media sites are a learning platform where customers should feel comfortable and should be encouraged to share their experience with any given product, service, brand, organization, event etc. Businesses, organizations and the like can now listen and learn from their customers. I don’t see why this is something to be afraid of. I guess if you’re running an unethical business or purposely scamming customers you should be very afraid. That’s fine with me.

Some brands have openly embraced social media. BMW, Rolls Royce, Mercedes, Audi, Southwest, JetBlue, Bergdorf Goodman, Ford, Dell, the American Red Cross, Starbucks and Pepsi are a few that come to mind. Now, not all of the brands that I mentioned are doing a fantastic job, but they have a HUGE head start and will thrive and prosper during the next 12-18months as brands and consumers embrace f-commerce (Facebook commerce).

Brands to learn from on Facebook; BMW, Audi, Dell, Ford and Southwest (feel fee to add your opinion in the comments below!)

Twitter: Bergdorfs, Dell, OscarPRgirl, JetBlue and… (I’m missing several).

You don’t even need to like any of the brands I mentioned. Actually I’d prefer if you didn’t because my point will resonate more. Check out BMW’s and Audi’s Facebook page and scroll through the tweets of @Bergdorfs or @jetblue how do you feel when you read their tweets? Does it sound like a brand or business?

There will be several follow up posts. I wrote this on my iPhone because I want to know what you think. How are you using social media? Why is your brand or business using social media? Please stay tuned for my next post. Feel free to keep in touch on twitter: @aftranch