About Adam Tranchida (me)

At first I wasn’t really sure what to say here so I’ve decided to try and help you and myself by explaining what I believe the purpose of this blog is to me. I discovered the term social media a short three years ago and was instantly hooked. Following a presentation by Kevin Skaritt former CEO of Acorn Creative I purchased the “Groundswell” and “The New Age of PR and Marketing”. Since then I have immersed myself in all aspects of social media. It was clear when sitting through my college marketing classes that I was stuck in an episode of Mad Men. While it may be one of my favorite shows the advertising & marketing industries have since undergone a violent transformation. Fading are the days where consumers merely submit to everything a brand tells them. While people have always and (will) continue to talk about their interaction(s) with brands, products, services, NGOs, governments, corporations, small, and local businesses these experiences were only shared amongst a small group of friends. With the growth of social networks and online communities more people feel comfortable sharing their experiences with others before them, instantly. Your opinion matters today. Your experience can now be shared with the masses instantly. This is why experts in the expanding field of social and new media have created the term “world of mouth”. Communication has transformed from local to global. I will get into the details here in this blog. While my friends my refer to me as a the crazy social media guy I am still learning and I still have A LOT to experience. Here I will share with you my thoughts and ideas about how social media can help improve society, specifically for local and small businesses.


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