As a follow up to yesterday’s post regarding Plymouth State University and it’s lack of any Social Strategy here are a few ideas which they might add to a social media marketing strategy – if PSU makes the commitment.

My first order of business would be address the lack of a ‘Welcome’ tab. Westfield State University does a great job using FBML (Facebook’s Markup Language) to create custom landing pages. In addition to their ‘Welcome’ tab the Westfield State University Facebook Fan Page includes a custom tab for current students, staff & faculty, an alumni tab that provides access to all alumni services including donations, events, and career services. The final tab is the advising & registration tab. The best part the WSU Fan Page, besides the clean presentation and easy accessibility, is that it acts as a hub for the universities social media efforts. The customized tabs save students, faculty, staff, and alumni time because they can all access information relevant to their needs.

This is a good starting point for Plymouth State to follow. However, establishing customized tabs is one step in the results oriented direction. More importantly you should always remember to respond to wall posts and comments people make. Ignoring a person’s comment or wall post is like sitting next to someone and letting them talk and you simply contribute nothing. Do you think other people are going to want to speak with you if you don’t respond back? A conversation requires two parties to communicate with each other.

Also, when posting status updates think and gather the consensus of  a group or team before updating your pages status with a post that might be irrelevant to the majority of your followers. Again, develop a strategy and plan an “update calender” for so you can post relevant updates to fans. Remember, you want to ENGAGE people and learn how they feel about your brand and/or organization. Let the people who experience your service or product daily (students) help solve problems by contributing ideas.

Plymouth State University has been provided with a wonderful opportunity to listen and learn from it’s students. Yes, there is the possibility  that students will write a wall post riddled  with expletives or share an inappropriate link – so what!?! Advise the public that acts similar to the ones I just mentioned are not tolerated and will be removed. Once again, this brings us back to having a social strategy. It is vital that you communicate the purpose of having a Facebook Fan Page.

What type of content should people contribute?

What problem(s) could our Facebook fans help us solve?

What is the mission and/or vision of PSU and how can we use social media to help us achieve it???