Who’s Blogging What has the answer for small business owners overwhelmed with social media.  Who’s Blogging What is a free newsletter for online media and marketing professionals or for anyone interested in digital media for business. The free newsletter is distributed every Thursday and “special issues and offers on Tuesdays”. In this age of information overload the blogging newsletter has a strategic advantage. Keep in mind I have yet to read the content. However, my Gmail inbox is overloaded daily. Priority mail with Gmail helps significantly – no I don’t work for Google, but I’m a huge fan especially with Page leading. Regardless I have to read enough emails daily to keep me occupied, so the thought of only receiving one email a week is refreshing. It’s a sustainable strategy. For recognizing this Who’s Blogging What  now needs to focus on it’s content strategy for the next ten years. However, I do think they could step up their Twitter presence. Again it’s only updated weekly and with Twitter it’s more productive (in my opinion) to post at twice daily. Post once in the morning and once in the evening. Preferably between the hours of 630AM-830AM; 1130AM-230PM; 7PM-10PM. Remember posting times vary from market to market.